DBback's transformation offering providing cross-platform database migration. Automation reduces migration time and minimizes risk.
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Optimize your backups from CAPEX to OPEX with cost effectiveness & robust DBBaaS enabling tighter SLAs & enterprise compliance.
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Your organization relies on data
you can rely on DBback
Symphony Teleca's DBback is a full-featured database backup &††recovery solution that supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2 UDB databases. DBback provides best of breed backup and recovery functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.
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Backup and recover databases in a heterogeneous database environment
DBback enables companies to standardize on one solution for all of their distributed database backup, recovery, disaster recovery and database duplication needs.
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Reduce backup and recovery times
DBback provides the fastest backups possible with multiplexing, parallel streaming and striping. Customer results have demonstrated backup times up to 10x's faster than using native backup tools. Fully automated recovery reduces the risk of human error and ensures that you can recover your database in the shortest time possible.
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Manage, monitor and report on backup and recovery activities
DBback's Policy Manager enables you to monitor your backup and recovery activities and to audit your backup and recovery practices from an enterprise-wide perspective. DBback provides centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities that work across your heterogeneous database environment.
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Easily duplicate databases for creating dev and test environments
DBback greatly reduces the time DBAs spend on database duplication tasks. DBback's one step database duplication makes creating development and test environments fast and easy. Refreshes can be scheduled for automated updates to the dev and test environments.
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Setup and manage disaster recovery copies of the database
DBback fully automates the creation and synchronization of standby databases. Healthcheck capabilities ensure that your disaster recovery database is always in-sync with your production database.
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Utilize existing backup infrastructure and integrate with other backup products
DBback supports direct integration with Tivoli Storage Manager, Symantec Netbackup, EMC Networker and others. Backup direct or use DBback’s staged backup approach. DBback also supports Amazon s3 Storage Cloud.
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Minimize downtime with fully automated recovery

Reduce risk with effective automated backup strategies

Reduce costs with backup storage optimization features

Leverage the Cloud for low cost off-site backup storage

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